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All of our services can be tailored to suit your project requirements.

All quotations provided are at a fixed price and are fully transparent so you can clearly see what is included. If you are carrying out multiple alterations at once, we can provide you with a discounted price.

Services & prices

Services and prices

We understand that it can be a daunting and stressful time to anyone who is unfamiliar with the construction process.

We aim to simplify and take the stress out of the process by keeping it as easy as possible and providing you with solutions to achieve your property goals. No matter how big or small your project is, Jagma will be able to assist you. All of the prices shown are excluding planning application or building control application fees.

Single Storey Extension

From £795 + VAT

A Single Storey Rear, Side or Front Extension is one of the options that can be considered when you require more space in your home. It can also add value to your property.


We are experienced in knowing what proposals are likely to be granted, saving you both time and unnecessary planning costs. Whether you are unsure or know exactly what you want, we will look at all of your requirements and help advise you to get the right design from the very start.

Double Storey Extension

From £1095 + VAT

A Double Storey Rear, Side or Front Extension can transform the space available throughout your home. It can provide you with the additional bedroom space as well as living, dining and/or kitchen space.


It can be challenging to get the whole design to flow right with your home but we have the experience to ensure you get the most out of your new extension whilst considering all of your requirements. 

Wrap Around Extension

From £995 + VAT

A Wrap Around Extension can transform the space available within your home. It can often expand and/or open up living, dining and kitchen spaces, which will change the way you use your space. We understand that the right design is key with a wrap around extension whilst considering all of your requirements. 

Loft Conversion_edited.jpg

Loft Conversion

From £795 + VAT

A Loft Conversion can be a viable option in obtaining additional liveable space in your home. Loft conversions commonly fall under permitted development, allowing you to not worry about planning permission.


If you are after that peace of mind to ensure planning is taken care of, or you're in need of someone to help with your design options, Jagma can assist you.

Garage Conversion 1_edited.jpg

Garage Conversion

From £695 + VAT

Similar to a loft conversion, converting your garage can be an easy way to obtain extra habitable space in your home. Old garages are not typically used as a place to store cars anymore and can end up being used as a place of storage.


If you are after that extra bit of space and don’t want to spend large amounts of money on an extension, why not utilise your garage space?

Outbuilding 1_edited.jpg

Outbuilding & Annex

From £595 + VAT

Outbuildings are the perfect space for a home office, gym, play/games room, cinema... the list goes on. Having that additional space away from the main house gives you a place to escape to. Outbuildings commonly fall under permitted development, but you may want to design an outbuilding without those limits, giving you more options of how to use the space.

New Builds_edited.jpg

New Build 

Contact us to discuss your requirments.

When building a new home, it can be difficult to know where to start and how best to design such a project from scratch. It is a big deal for both developers/investors as well as for homeowners who are looking to build their dream home. Jagma have worked first hand with large developers and site teams, which has given us the experience in understanding the full process from all perspectives. We can carry out all aspects of the design stage as well as being on hand throughout the build.

3D Visualisation_edited.jpg

3D Visualisation

3D visualisation transforms your ideas into a 3D model. It can give you a level of confidence that what is being designed will work and can potentially save you money. Sometimes it can be hard to visualise how a layout will work on a 2D plan, which is why 3D visualisation is becoming a popular and powerful tool in design. Jagma can provide you with anything from basic models to photo-realistic images to even using a virtual reality headset to walk around your design.

3D Visualisation_edited.jpg

We have broken down our 3D Visualisation service into two services which are as follows:

3D Model Renders and Access - From £145 + VAT

Digital access to the 3D model showing the proposed design to enable you to explore and walk around your project in 3D. As well as up to four 3D renders of the proposed design will be created.

VR Experience, Model Renders and Access - From £745 + VAT

Digital access to the 3D model showing the proposed design to enable you to explore and walk around your project in 3D. Access to a VR headset to view your proposal in Virtual Reality. as well as up to four 3D renders of the proposed design will be created.

Convert To Flats_edited.jpg

Convert to Flats 

Contact us to discuss your requirments.

There are many aspects which need to be considered when converting an existing property into flats. This will be from the usual planning permission considerations to building regulations, but on a more complex level. The benefits however, can maximise your rental income from one property or increase your property portfolio. 

Change of Use 2.png

Change of Use

Contact us to discuss your requirments.

If you own a commercial premise then it is likely to be classified for a specific use. If you have recently acquired or have an existing premise, you may want/need to change its use to suit your business operations.


This is something that is worth looking into as early as possible to prevent any potential issues with using your property the way you need to. Whether you need to change its use to another class or convert into residential we can assist you. 

Hear from Our Customers

Tony Henderson

"It was pleasure working with Jagma Property services. The work is of a high quality, was completed on time and represented excellent value for money, especially compared to some other quotations I received.


Aron was knowledgeable and helpful at all times and always willing to discuss the best way of achieving what I was looking for. The planning application was granted. I would definitely work with him again on another project."

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Gill Barrett

"We found the service very friendly and helpful. Their positive suggestions greatly helped us achieve our objective. Their professionalism and attention to detail are first class."

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3 Stage Service

3 Stage Service

We specialise in offering expert planning and design services alongside a seamless solution for your home extension project. Our comprehensive 3 Stage service provides a comprehensive approach to bring your vision to life. 

With Jagma, you have the flexibility to explore your options without any commitment. Feel free to drop out at any stage with no strings attached.

Discover the benefits of our 3 Stage service and see why it's worth considering for your project.

Groomsbridge_3 - Photo_edited.jpg

Planning and Design


View 15.png



This pivotal initial stage lays the groundwork for the entire project, ensuring a solid foundation for future success. Through meticulous planning and comprehensive analysis, we pave the way for seamless progression into the construction Detail and compliance stage.

It's essential to highlight that completing Stage 1 does not obligate you to proceed to Stage 2. We understand that circumstances can change, and you maintain the flexibility to decide whether to move forward to the next phase. Your satisfaction and peace of mind remain our top priorities throughout the entire journey.

Key services provided during Stage 1 include:

  • Understanding of client brief and requirements

  • Evaluating client budget constraints

  • Examination of construction preferences, including environmentally friendly considerations such as eco-building methodologies

  • Conducting a detailed measured survey of the property

  • Generating existing drawings to accurately depict the property's current state

  • Developing proposed drawings, offering up to three design alternatives

  • Facilitating client meetings post-draft designs to ensure alignment with their vision

  • Providing concept views and immersive VR experiences for enhanced visualization

  • Management of planning application submission and liaising with relevant council authorities throughout the process.

  • Upon successful planning approval, seamless transition to Stage 2 of the project timeline. In the event of planning refusal, collaborative efforts are undertaken to address concerns, potentially revising proposals or pursuing appeal options. Should an appeal be initiated, additional services, whether in-house or outsourced, are provided to support the process.

In this crucial second stage, our focus shifts to the intricate details of construction and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Stage 2 represents a pivotal phase in the project timeline, where careful attention to detail and adherence to regulatory standards are paramount. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your project progresses smoothly while maintaining compliance with industry requirements.

Key aspects of our Stage 2 service include:

  • Internal Alterations and Finish Details: We provide clients with the opportunity to refine internal layouts and delve into the specifics of finishes. This allows for a tailored approach to electrical and plumbing layouts, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetics.

  • Development of Planning Drawings: Building upon the original planning drawings, we further refine them to incorporate detailed construction specifications, including annotations and notes essential for building control submission.

  • Review and Revision: Following refinement, the drawings undergo thorough revision and are re-issued to the client for review. This ensures clarity and alignment with the project vision before proceeding to the next stage.

  • Building Control Submission: With careful attention to detail, we submit revised drawings and supporting documentation to building control authorities, whether local councils or private entities, for comprehensive review and approval.


Construction Detail & Compliance

Stage 3 is dedicated to facilitating the commencement of building works. Upon request, we can provide you with a suitable builder capable of carrying out the construction. There is no fee for this service; our income is derived from a payment received from the builder.

19-001-07 Proposed Floor Plans.png

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