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Frequently Asked Questions

The planning process can be difficult to understand. This is why we have created an easy to read flow chart, highlighting all of the key steps to obtaining planning permission, through to starting the building work.

JAGMA The Planning Process.png

The Planning Process

Can I use Jagma If I just wanted to submit an application for a rear extension?

Yes, Jagma can create and submit the appropriate drawings to support your application.

Do I have to commit to all 3 Stages?

No, you can leave anytime you want. You're only tied to paying for the work that's already started.

What happens if I commit to all 3 Stages but change my mind and don’t want to continue after stage 2?

Certainly, provided you inform us prior to commencing Stage 3, you are under no obligation to proceed further.

How much does planning application cost?

The fee for a planning application will vary depending on the type of application and size of the development. For the latest planning application fees refer to the Planning Portal Website. 

Which planning application do I need?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing the detail of the proposal. Many simple rear/side extensions, loft conversions, garage conversions and outbuildings fall under Permitted Development. Depending on the existing property layout and your proposal they can also require full planning permission. Get in touch with us and we will be able to help advise. 

How long does a planning application last for?

Usually, full planning applications are valid for three years.

How long does it take to acquire permission?

Once we have submitted your planning application to the local authority, they will first need to validate your application. This can be done as quickly as the same day or up to two weeks after you submission. This time will vary depending on the local authority, how busy they are, if you have been through the pre-application advice process, and if the local authority requires more information. Once the application is validated it usually takes up to eight weeks to receive a decision. The whole process typically takes between eight and twelve weeks.

What is Pre-Application Advice and do I need it?

Pre-application advice is a service that most local authorities provide to evaluate your projects proposal against the current planning legislation as well as speeding up the planning application process. This service does normally cost and will vary between local authorities (the turnaround time will also vary). This is an excellent service if your proposal is complex and/or to gauge how successful a formal planning application could be. After the council checks your proposal, they will provide feedback as to any areas that need looking into and/or if the proposal is along the right lines. Please note that a positive pre-application advice does not automatically mean that your proposal will be granted.

What happens if the planning application fails?

If your first planning application fails, there is no need to worry, you have a few options. Firstly, you can amend your proposal to accommodate the reason for refusal and re-submit the application. The second option is to go through the appeal process. You can only appeal if you have a valid reason to do so. This process can be lengthy and may not change the original planning decision. Lastly, if your proposal is unobtainable, it may be worth looking at an alternative extension or adaptation which you would be happy with and try again with a new proposal.

I now have planning permission can I start building?

Once you have obtained planning permission, you can now start looking for a builder, however you will still need to comply with building control. This can be accomplished in a couple of different ways. One way is to apply for a full plans submission. For this you will need to submit detailed construction drawings. Alternatively, you can submit a Building Notice which allows you to start building with the building control officer checking work as you go. Both routes with the local authority cost the same amount, but you may choose to use an approved inspector where prices will vary. There are many options when you get to this stage but the most important thing to remember is that planning permission and building control approval are two different processes.

If you have any questions, queries or need more information give us a call on 0208 051 0789.

Visit Planning Portal website for interactive guides and more information.

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