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About Us

Here at Jagma, our aim is to provide the most seamless service to take as much of the stress and worry that often comes when extending or renovating your property. Understanding the process can be a daunting task. No one should be put off extending their home because of the complexity around obtaining planning permission or finding a trustworthy builder. We aim to remove the stress and worry of home renovation/extension projects by providing an all-in-one design process. This process offers top-tier & cost-effective design and construction, as well as complete transparency.


Our mission:

To empower homeowners to renovate and extend their homes in a simplified, stress free, transparent and cost-effective process.


Our Core Values:

  • Transparency

  • Affordability

  • Simplicity

  • Trustworthy


Our goal is to provide homeowners with a simple, easy-to-use architectural service that offers the best value for money. We aim to equip homeowners with the tools they need to complete their project within budget while ensuring they feel supported by a team that has their interests at heart.


Now that you understand what Jagma aims to achieve, let's find out who runs the company and what keeps them going.


Jagma was started in 2017 by Aron Ramadan, who initially set up as a sole trader. 

Aron started out working on property projects when he was young. He began by working for a small building surveying firm and later joined an award-winning 5-star housebuilder. He worked as part of the technical co-ordination team delivering high rise flats and housing developments.

While working for others, Aron also helped with his family's renovation projects in the evenings and weekends alongside his father, Mus Ramadan, who officially joined Jagma in 2019.


Mus has worked within the I.T. sector for most of his life but he has always had a deep passion for property. Whether this be redesigning the family home to suit his family needs, or to redevelop properties to maximise their potential and returns. With no prior knowledge he has built up his skills to problem solve the most challenging property issues.


Aron and Mus have faced many property challenges together. They have worked on renovating their own homes as well as building a property together. Along the way, they have dealt with all types of tradespeople including unreliable ones and consultants who made things more difficult than necessary. They've experienced all the ups and downs of home renovations and new construction, which made them realise just how complicated and stressful the whole process can be.


After spending years working for others as well as evenings and weekends working on their own properties. They have experience various nightmare scenarios. It was time to create a streamlined service which aims to remove as much of the stress and hassle that comes with building or renovating a home. So, they came up with a plan to make the whole process smoother and less stressful for everyone involved.

They are both extremely passionate about property and believe it's not fair that anyone should have to deal with all the stress and worry that comes with extending, renovating, or building a home. They want to make it easier for everyone.


The owners' passion and Jagma's values inspire the entire team. Everyone understands they're working on something really valuable – possibly the most expensive asset a person owns.

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