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Step by Step Guide to Obtaining Building Control Approval

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Building Control Approval Options

Once you have obtained planning permission, you will need to comply with building control in some manner. You can ask your builder to take care of the process and they will most likely submit a building notice. You can submit a full plans application to the local authority, or you can find a qualified approved inspector who can sign building work off. For this step by step guide we will submit a full plans application.

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Construction Details

A full plans application requires us to upgrade planning drawings to show construction details and specification. This will essentially show critical elements of the building, highlighting materials to be used, u-value (heat loss calculations), structural calculations and much more. These details will show the building control officer how the project will comply with the building regulations.

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Full plans Application Submission

Once the construction details and specification have been created, it is submitted with an application form and correct fee to the local authority for approval. The approval process usually takes up to four weeks but could be longer if necessary.

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Approval or Rejection

The building control officer will either approve the full plans application, request for more information, amend elements which do not comply, or completely reject the application if the design does not meet building control standards. In most cases full plan applications are approved, which gives you the confidence that the builder can follow the details created, knowing that it will comply with building control regulations, giving you the all-important completion certificate at the end of the build.

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